YOUTH INLINE Hockey League

We at Inline 309 know you are anxious to get back to playing hockey and we are ready too.
We will resume the Youth Inline Season where we left off with 2 weeks of regular games then playoffs. We will start the games on Saturday June 27.

We are adjusting the game schedule as well as rink layout to help keep everyone as safe as possible which includes the following rules:

  • Only the player and one parent will be allowed in the building. There will be no additional spectators allowed.
    Games will be streaming on TWITCH for family and friends to watch.
  • Players need to come dressed in uniform. We will have benches inside set 6’ apart to put on your skates and gear. Your parent
    can view from that spot. Locker rooms will be designated for Goalies only.
  • Players can only enter through one designated door (at the outdoor tent). Where a staff member will do a “temp-check” on all
    people that enter the building.
  • All coaches, parents and employees must wear a mask.
  • Please make sure your child has all their equipment and that everything fits (since it may have been awhile since they wore it)
    this will help to alleviate the rink from loaning equipment out.
  • There will be a 10-minute break between games to allow for disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Once your game is over, we need everyone to clear the building through the designated EXIT.

Welcome back, we cannot wait to see you!
Frank Reago
Owner/General Manager