Inline 309 – Indoor Hockey

Youth Dek Hockey Clinics


With the Youth Dek Hockey session ending on the 22nd we will be running 6 Clinics before the start of our first Youth Dek Hockey Spring Season. These clinics will be dedicated to skills and drills training. The clinics are open to ages 4-16. We will break the kids up into age groups and have shooting, passing and stick handling stations setup.

Clinic Dates:

December 12th & 19th
January 9th & 23rd
February 6th & 20th


6:00 PM to 7:00PM


$15 per player each session

Equipment Required:

Helmet with full cage

Skill & Drills

Shooting – The focus will be on hand positioning, wind up positioning, shoulder alignment, blade striking surface placement, weight transfer, release and follow through.
Passing – Similar to shooting we will work on hand positioning, shoulder alignment, weight transfer, release and follow through.
Stick Handling – We will be checking Stick length, hand positioning, which hand controls stick movements, side to side stick handling, stationary stick handling, stick handling in traffic.


Dave Reaser