League Information

**We are cancelling the Spring season due to Covid-19
**Registration fee is not refundable. You may get a credit to the next season or gift card from the rink.
**We had only completed one week of games o we decided it would be best to start a new season to allow parents to make a decision how they wanted to move forward.
Youth Ball Hockey 2020 Summer Draft Season!
Season start date is Tuesday June 9th, 2020
Season consists of Evaluations, 10 Game Season, Championship Games (12 weeks in total)

**If you registered for the spring season please fill the form out and select if you are returning, or would like credit to the winter season.

June 9th
Ages 6 to 9 5:00-6:00pm
Ages 10 to 15 6:30-7:30pm

Season Game 1: Every Tuesday
June 16th
Ages 6 to 9 5:00-6:15pm
Ages 10 to 15 6:30-7:30pm

The season will run 12 weeks total for evaluations, games then championships.

The last day will be the championship game. Trophies and Medals will be handed out at end of game.
We will have a sandwich & pizza party for each age group after their games in the back of rink.


Cost per player is $95 (includes team shirt with number) Registration fee is not refundable.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dave Reaser at or 484-985-5483.


All parents must remain on the entrance side of the rink or at the tables at the end of the rink. No parents are permitted on the benches during game play. Only Volunteers and Coaches are to be on the bench. Parents that would like to take photos or record games should contact Dave Reaser at or 484-985-5483.

Join the Wizards Youth Ball Hockey Facebook group here. We will provide updates via the email you register with and on Facebook.

Age groups and information:

Due to number of entries we combine age groups. But the divisions and ages below are here for tournament reference.

Chipmunk Division (Ages 4-6)

Players are introduced to the game of hockey through organized drills, utilizing USA Hockey’s Practice Plans. Through out the season, players are phased into more formal game action, teaching and applying fundamentals. Learning basic rules, such as off-sides, focus on positioning and learning when to shift during the game. Players are given the opportunity to play all positions. Games are facilitated by youth referees, all who have played the game and a coach from each team, allowing them to teach while they are playing. Scores are not posted; there are no standings or playoffs. All players receive a participation award at the end of the season. Players coming out of the Chipmunk division will have a good foundation for the game and will be prepared for Penguin Hockey.

Penguin Division (Ages 7-9)

Players attend an evaluation session March 7th, Coaches and Volunteers slot the players and they are drafted to a team to balance out the leagues talent with tenured and new players of mixed talent levels. League games begin March 14th. Games are refereed with all rules enforced. Standings are kept for playoff seeding. All teams qualify and participate in double elimination playoffs. The level of play increases and players get older.

Beaver Division (Ages 10-12)

Similar to Penguin. Same rules apply and level of play increases.

Cadet Division (Ages 13-15)

Similar to Penguin and Beaver, except players do not go through the evaluation process. A draft is used by the coaches and volunteers.

Freshman Division (Ages 16-19)

Offers the high school players the opportunity to continue playing competitive hockey. Entire teams can be entered by players or we will draft teams based on players that don’t have a registered team.

Registration fee for the 2020 Season is $95.