Inline 309 – Indoor Hockey

Dek Skills and Drills


We will be running 6 Clinics before the start of our first Youth Dek Hockey Spring Season. These clinics will be dedicated to skills and drills training. The clinics are open to ages 4-16. We will break the kids up into age groups and have shooting, passing and stick handling stations setup.

Clinic Dates:

No Dates at this time.


No Time slots are scheduled.


$15 per player each session

Equipment Required:

Helmet with full cage

Skill & Drills

Shooting – The focus will be on hand positioning, wind up positioning, shoulder alignment, blade striking surface placement, weight transfer, release and follow through.
Passing – Similar to shooting we will work on hand positioning, shoulder alignment, weight transfer, release and follow through.
Stick Handling – We will be checking Stick length, hand positioning, which hand controls stick movements, side to side stick handling, stationary stick handling, stick handling in traffic.


Dave Reaser


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If you wish to pay in advance you can use the payment option below. If you want to pay for several dates but not all just change the quantity to the number of clinics you’d like to attend. You can also pay at the beginning of each clinic.

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