Inline 309 – Indoor Hockey

Dek Hockey Tournament & BFO


Maura Shuttleworth and Inline 309 are hosting a Dek Hockey Tournament this Saturday night at 4pm. The tournament will have 6 teams of local players and will run from 4pm until 11:30pm. There will be raffle drawings for donations made to Between Friends Outreach. There will be prizes for MVP, Top Scorer and Top Goalie of the  tournament. We will also have food, water, soda and beer. Come join us Saturday night!


between-friends-outreachBetween Friends Outreach, Inc. founded by Tara Stoop is dedicated to helping the homeless, low income and Veterans in Bucks, Montgomery and Lehigh Counties. We empower our clients by giving them what they need to get back on their feet. BFO provides housing, job support, resources, food banks, transportation, healthcare, and more through donations from the community.

Some Home Good items are needed as donations to help BFO. You can drop off at the rink during the tournament.


* GIFT CARDS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED:  Wal-Mart, WaWa, Giant & CVS work best.
* Shampoo and conditioner
* Feminine hygiene products
* Deodorant
* Hand & body soap
* Kleenex & toilet paper
* Bath towels & wash clothes
* Tooth paste & tooth brush
* Soap holders
* Hand-Sanitizer
* Laundry soap pods
* Ziploc sandwich bags
* Dryer sheets
* Razors
* Cleaning supplies
* Paper towels

Please contact Maura Shuttleworth if you have any questions or would like to make a donation to Between Friends Outreach.